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Mary Joy Stork

Born in Northern Germany and close to Hamburg, Mary began singing when she was 3 years old. But even at that early age, she already had a strong sense of music and knew that persuing music would become her major goal and passion.

In following her intuition, Mary began singing in the school choir, while taking musical, acting and classical singing classes as well. Throughout her teenage years, her love for soul and gospel music became stronger. Due to her intense interest, she began listening to and learning from artists, such as Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Garry Moore, Lauren Hill, Erikah Badu and Sade, not to mention a handful of other well known singers and performers.

After completing highschool, Mary moved to Barcelona (Spain), to continue her studies in Jazz vocal training.

In Barcelona, Mary began developing her Soul-Jazz voice, through a wide spectrum of artistic influences, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Patti Austin, Sarah Vaughan, Rachel Ferrel, Bobby McFerrin and many more. Simultaneously, she took piano classes and began to develop her songwriting and composition skills as well.

Throughout the past several years, Mary has been touring with her band and also with her duo, Vera&Joy and has been performing in several venues in Spain, the Canary Islands, France, Germany and India.

Her voice and style are reminicient of that of the soul music from the 70’s; soulful, smoky and with a lot of passion.

2018: 20:45 Gutskapelle (Bühne 4, Hauptstraße 30)

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Claudio Vera Valladares Trio Featuring Mary Joy Stork


Claudio Vera Valladares Trio Featuring Mary Joy Stork.

Claudio ist Jazz Fusion Gitarrist aus Teneriffa, gelernt hat er bei Meistern wie Dean Brown und Nygen Lé. Auf der Musikmeile tritt er mit Bassist Luismo Valladares auf, welcher zu den gefragtesten Bassisten der spanischen Szene gehört und schon mit dem Flautisten Paco Lucia Jorge Pardo und Bill Evans zusammen gearbeitet hat. Am Schlagzeug Felix Dehmel studierte in New York und arbeitet derzeit mit den Blue Poets zusammen und tourt mit seiner Band durch Deutschland. Featuring Guest ist Sängerin Mary Joy Stork welche derzeit an ihrem Soul R&B Debutealbum zusammen mit internationalen Künstlern arbeitet.

2017: 16:00 Ingos Werkstatt (Bühne 2, Hauptstraße 13)

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